Pool Technologie Justsalt Duo 60 LCD

Disinfection and pH regulation of your pool



JUSTSALT®DUO controls the two essentials for water treatment: production of disinfectant and automatic pH regulation.

Its pH probe analyses the water continuously and signals to the device when a corrective agent needs to be injected in order to maintain the pH at an ideal level (between 7 and  7,4). The efficiency of the disinfection is then optimal.

JUSTSALT®DUO is easy to install and use: a single key allows adjusting production according to pool volume and number of bathers.

This package includes:

  • Justsalt Duo 60 LCD chlorinator / pH controller combo
  • Blue pH probe with 1 year warranty
  • Grounding kit to eliminate electrostatic charges
  • Extension of warranty on the electrolysis cell with an additional two years