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Our purpose is to help as many families as possible enjoy “Life at its Best™” through the enjoyment of their own Imagine Pools™ composite fibreglass swimming pools and related products.


Imagine Pools™ is a privately-owned, family-run company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of in-ground, one-piece composite fibreglass swimming pools. We offer our high-quality products through an exclusive network of independently owned and operated dealerships. To find your local dealer, connect with us on our “Contact” page within this website.


Over the past twenty years, we have built and delivered thousands of swimming pools to excited families who are now enjoying the happiness that comes from owning their own swimming pool, spa and tanning ledge. We welcome the opportunity to help your family enjoy life more safely and comfortably in your own backyard.


Our mission to help as many families as possible enjoy “Life at its Best” in partnership with our dedicated, talented and professional local dealers. We are committed to providing the best possible consumer experience starting with the highest quality product and delivery experience.

We support our independent dealers through the use of regional distribution centers that not only provide support to our dealers but allow us to provide economy of scale that benefits our shared customers. We are always striving for better ways to reduce costs while maintaining the high product integrity that we are known for.

NOTICE REGARDING INDEPENDENT IMAGINE POOLS™ DEALERS. Imagine Pools™ products are supplied primarily through a network of independently owned and operated dealers authorized to sell and install various products under a license from Imagine Pools™. These Dealers are not owners, employees or agents of Imagine Pools™ and Imagine Pools™ is not responsible for the actions of these Dealers or liable for any related damage to persons, property or Imagine Pools™ products. For further information regarding the relationship between Imagine Pools™ and its Dealers and for related advice to purchasers, please refer to the Terms and Conditions portion of the Imagine Pools™ website at the following link: Imagine Pools™ reminds you to always supervise your children around pools and never permit unattended swimming. Diving or jumping into a swimming pool could result in serious injury, paralysis, or death. Be familiar with pool contours and dimensions before use. Never enter a pool in an uncontrolled manner. Never use a pool in an unsafe manner. For additional pool safety resources please visit