The question we receive the most is “How much for that pool?”

It is a simple question but unfortunately, one that is difficult for us to answer since there are many factors that need to be considered to give you a fair estimate. Imagine Pools™ is proud to provide the centerpiece and focal point of your backyard outdoor experience but our pool shell is just one item considered when producing an estimate.

All Imagine Pools™ products are sold through independent dealers, many of them locally and family owned businesses. They purchase our pools with the intention of not only selling them to you but also installing them into your backyard. These dealers are free to set their own prices as mandated by law.

You are working with a dealer because you want to take advantage of their local knowledge, their experience and their talents for installing composite fibreglass swimming pools. This is the best way to protect your investment.

On average, smaller “plunge pools” will require investments in the range of €20.000 to €30.000. Our “smaller” size pools (those under 8m) will typically require an investment of €25.000-€32.000. “Mid-size pools” (between 8m and 10m) will average €32,000-€40,000 in costs. Our largest pools (12m) tend to start around €44.000 – €56.000 per project. However, more extensive projects can easily require investments upwards of €60.000.

There are several factors that go into providing you with the best estimate. It starts with calculating shipping costs to your home from one of our distribution centers. We determine the distance required along with the weight and size of your pool being delivered.

Your dealer will work with you to determine if there are permits needed or local zoning that needs to be considered. Since they are digging into the ground, they will advise you if there are any geographic concerns that need to be considered (like clay, rock or water tables,) and if so, how to address them. Do you need a retaining wall built? Does your ground need to be leveled/ graded?

Are you adding anything to your pool? Additional tile or pavers? Lights? What kind of equipment do you need to run your pool? Water features, water falls, fountains, or bubblers?

We strongly encourage you to talk to your local dealer as they can provide the best advice on how you and your family can best enjoy “life at its best.” Know that many of our dealers also have relationships with lenders to assist you in achieving the dream of pool ownership.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your consideration and we look forward to seeing you by the pool.